Campus Day Camp Staff Application 2024

Campus Day Camp Staff Application

2901 Campus Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 718.421.7575

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hereby authorize Campus ASP Inc. to take any emergency medical actions necessary.

Do you have any other commitments (school, vacation, other job) between 6/27/24 - 8/9/24? *
Will you be able to have a medical form completed by a physician before May 15, 2024? *
Are you both mentally and physically fit to perform the duties required (Sports, swimming, strenuous exercise, bending, extreme temperatures, standing for long periods of time etc.)? *
Attendance and punctuality are critical to a successful summer. Are you able to commit to the following: 6/27/24 - 8/9/24, 8:30am - 4:30pm? *